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Textured mesh have more vertices than mesh

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  • Textured mesh have more vertices than mesh

    I have a question, why is the textured mesh generated by zephyr has more points/vertices than the mesh?
    shouldn't it have the same or less (if the amount of vertices are limited, when generating texture)
    i am just curious, because i tought the textured mesh only generating texture from the mesh, not adding more points.

    I'll appreciate any response, thanks!
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    You have probably generated mesh with vertex color which needs more geometry than just shape.


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      I believe Roberto already replied to you on reddit (or it's just a coincidence maybe ), but here is the replay as well for future people finding this thread

      After the texture generation, a vertex is composed of position coordinates (x,y,z) and UV texture coordinates (u,v).

      Since Zephyr maps a 3D object into a 2D space with texturing, multiple vertices can share the same x,y,z, while having different u,v. Think about vertices on the ridge of separated "islands" in the UV texture space. Those vertices are the same in 3D space but have different u,v coordinates depending on the triangle they belong to. The unique number is the number of vertices positions, which remain similar (or equal) to the mesh numbers. The total number is the number of vertices composed by (x,y,z,u,v) altogether.

      How the vertices are organized in the output depends on the chosen format. For example, in the obj format, you need to specify all vertices positions and tex-coords lists separately and define the faces with positions and texcoords indexes. Instead, in the ply format, vertices are defined by (x,y,z,u,v).
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        Andrea Alessi hi, you are right, he answered my question. i asked the same question in reddit because i got no answer for a couple a day after i posted this thread. thanks for your response though, i got more understanding how zephyr works!.