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texture files not exporting?

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  • texture files not exporting?

    Hello. I am using 3DF Zephyr 5.019 Free to create textured meshes and export them to Blender using the workflow menu. when i export as obj, the mtl file and the obj file are created in the folder, but I cannot find a texture jpg or png anywhere. i've created about 7 scan projects of 50 photos each, all photos taken with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. none work. I have a windows 10 64 bit computer with 32gb ddr3 ram and an Nvidia RTX 2060 Super graphics card. here are the settings I'm using, but I've tried others.

    does anyone know why the texture image file is not getting created, or where it's created at?

    here's a dropbox link to the project
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    Hi westingtyler!

    Are you using Avast antivirus by chance? We had a report last week that avast will for some reason delete the generated texture on export so maybe that's the same issue?


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      That solved it! I temporarily disabled AVG Anti-Virus before using the Worfklow > Export Textured Mesh, and this time it created the .obj, .mtl, and .jpg texture image in the final folder. Excellent!

      I'm glad this is working because 3DF Zephyr creates textured meshes waaay faster than Meshroom. Is this because 3DF Zephyr uses my awesome RTX 2060 Super video card instead of using my crappy cpu (AMD FX-8130)? Is using video cards to process everything the future? Even Unity allows you to bake light maps, and Blender now allows you to render images using your GPU.
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        westingtyler Great to hear you sorted the texture generation issue

        3DF Zephyr uses both the CPU and GPU depending on the process at hand. Some things can be dramatically sped up by utilizing the CUDA cores in NVIDIA CUDA enabled GPU's, whilst other processes/calculations require CPU processing for reliability and deterministic outcomes.