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Merge photogrammetry and 3d scanner data

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  • Merge photogrammetry and 3d scanner data

    Hi, Is it possible to somehow merge mesh shape from 3d scanner and textures from Zephyr? I use Artec Eva lite 3d scanner, cause it provides more accurate shape then photogrammetry in my case. But it doesn't capture textures. Do I need to use 3-rd party software to project colour data from Zephyr made model to 3d scanned model? I gave the link to the scanner, in case specifications make scence here. But If I'm correct I have to export obj anyway.
    I also have Zbrush but I never used it for textures.

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    Hi Razron - It's definitely possible to merge third party mesh with a Zephyr project - We have a tutorial on this subject which can be found here: (this is a feature of the full version and is not available in 3DF Zephyr Free/Lite)

    Let us know how you go and if you have any further questions we can help troubleshoot :-)