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Workflow from 3D Zephit to Revit

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  • Workflow from 3D Zephit to Revit

    Hi, I am designing a set of buildings on a fairly rocky hillside in Sardinia and I would like to work directly on a detailed scan of the terrain directly in Revit. I have had partial success so far by generating aerial scans from drone pictures, exporting them to FBX, and importing them FORMIT and then in REVIT. FBX is the only format that so far imports the textures in FORMIT - have no had success with other formats.

    However, while the textures scans appears accurately on several wide area exports, on a specific FBX export of a more detailed detailed scan they appear distorted. The same export in GLB format is fine. The problem can be reproduced using the native Windows 10 3D Viewer.

    I have tried all options in the FBX export without success. Is there something evident I am doing wrong?


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    Hi Ipasca!

    Thanks for sharing the reference image and your workflow. From the first image I suspect you can resolve the issue by resetting the local rendering reference system:

    If the dataset is georeferenced (GPS) then Zephyr automatically saves the mesh vertices with double-precision (no rounding errors etc...) - LOTS of software doesn't support double precision data, so to import successfully it needs to be converted to a Local Rendering Reference System. (Maya, Meshlab etc... etc...).

    You can select local rendering reference system on export, or in the workspace you can click this button:

    Click image for larger version

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    If this doesn't help and you're able to share the data through a public sharing download (google drive or wetransfer for example) we can have closer look and troubleshoot further.