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implement 3D reconstruction with some panoramagrams

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  • implement 3D reconstruction with some panoramagrams

    Dear FlowEngine team,
    I used one panoramagram and some panoramagrams to implement 3D reconstruction with “ExamplesBasic.cpp”, respectively. The “ExamplesBasic.cpp” code was ran on Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 on Windows10-64bit system. However, nothing has been reconstructed. Does the FlowEngineFreeWin64_5019 have the functionality to implement 3D reconstruction with some panoramagrams?
    I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.
    Best regards,
    Letian Zeng

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    Hi Letian - Can you please share some examples of your panaramagram images? I've not heard of this term before and am interested in what they look like.

    Sorry I'm not very familiar with FlowEngine specifically, but the images might be the cause of reconstruction failure.


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      Hi Letian,

      like 3DF Zephyr, FlowEngine requires pinhole images. If you have equirectangular or other formats, it's on you to de/compose them to pinhole images.

      3DF Zephyr offers a tool for that, but not FlowEngine. FlowEngine is the underlying reconstruction engine so it's up to you to decompose them before you feed them into flowengine.