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  • NVidia related question

    Hello, I'm not a programmer (not a good one, at least) but are Tensor cores utilized or able to be by this program? Apparently they work faster than CUDA cores but lose some precision in calculations in comparison. Maybe it would be possible to use the Tensor cores to run a quick draft for a large set of photos. I'd imagine that would be helpful to figure out quickly if better pictures are needed for a reconstruction. I know I would find that useful with my turntable setup.

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    Hi marshallmodder - 3DF Zephyr processing is heavily CUDA based and to the best of my knowledge Tensor cores are not utilized at this time.


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      Gotcha. This program is the only reason I haven't sold my RTX 3080. It's saved me so much time


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        Nice score! They are a bit tricky to come by these days heh. A friend bought a 3090 and it's massive! Way bigger than my 3070