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Totaly fail of Project

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  • Totaly fail of Project

    Hello i have the free version and tried to make a project of a fabric rabbit. i tried 3 (on a table, on a gas-background and the bluespaper) different ways to take pictures of the thing and all 3 are a total disaster. In what way i need to take picture of the rabbit? none of the workflows show me a pixel of a rabbit only the background. any hints?

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    Hans-Hase - Your subject is an extremely difficult to reconstruct using photogrammetric techniques as the the hairs on the surface are tiny and translucent. Are you able to share the photographic dataset with us through a public google drive link or another file sharing service? From these images we can give some targeted feedback.


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      if i'am getting this right, u need all the taken pictures of the rabbit?
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        Hans-Hase - Yes that is correct - I have requested permission to access the folder you linked to.


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          Hans-Hase Thanks for granting permission to access - It looks like you are turning the subject around, moving it relative to it's surroundings - If you take photographs with the rabbit sitting still on the surface, moving around the subject, you will find that your reconstruction is likely to improve.

          By moving the subject relative to the environment you end up giving Zephyr misleading image features to track and end up with a poor result.