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  • Keep the same light

    I finally did my room in Zephyr. I'm very happy with it.
    But I have a little obstacle.

    In the Zephyr's Rendering area, there is a light. A beautiful light.
    When exporting my object in Unity, no matter what I do, I still cannot get that perfect light from Zephyr.
    Maybe someone can help me? I would really appreciate.

    Zephyr's light (First Picture)

    Unity light (Second Picture)

    The Light from Zephyr's Renderer also hides some bad mesh areas (because of my lack of images of that area) and if possible I want that on Unity too.

    Thanks you so much. I really appreciate any link, video and help. I tried some settings for 2 days and I'm getting out of options about the light in Unity..
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    Hi Paladin,

    you are probably looking at your result in zephyr with lights off. You can turn on the lights in Zephyr by clicking the lightbulb. You can then evaluate if the mesh has the desired properties, and eventually fix it in blender o other similar software.

    Otherwise, you can change the shader in Unity, if you do not want to use light in Unity. You can select the unlit shader in your material when setting up your mesh in Unity3D.


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      Hello Andrea,

      Thanks you for your fast response.
      After I did more research I found out I need the normal maps for better lightning, now, I'm struggling with something else. Zephyr generated more than one texture files and the same amount of normal maps, and I cannot find a way to place all of them on a material.
      Any advice?

      For example in Blender and sometimes in Unity, my object shines like in the picture... and I don't know how to fix it.
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        Paladin - Different 3D packages render 3D models in different ways, and not every program supports every feature from other programs. It might be easier for you to create a single texture file in Zephyr as this is the lowest common denominator across other packages. Shine on a 3D model which is being rendered in a viewport is generally a result of the shader properties associated with that model. You will have to do a bit of digging whichever program you are using to adjust these settings.


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          Thanks you so much for the help. Really appreciate. Wish you a wonderful day!