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  • Potential Bug

    This is not important to me to find a fix, but I thought 3df might be interested in this in case it is evidence of a bug.

    I tried processing some video from my phone and ended up with the results in the screenshot. The cameras have no Y dimension, i.e. it appears the Y dimension has a scale of zero.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	backyard-bad-screenshot.jpg
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    I'm using the Steam Edition of Zephyr Lite and keep it up to date. I haven't tried processing the video in question for several years, but it has processed with better results in the past. A similar video taken a few hours later, with roughly the same content, created much better results.

    Neither of the two videos are good examples of input for 3df Zephyr, as I've found out playing with your software over the several years I've had it. They are some of my earliest test input from when I'd first purchased Zephyr. I only thought about trying them as I've noticed some very nice improvements to Zephyr, especially this year. Good work!

    If you're interested in looking at this, I can upload the video and/or .zep file. The video is about 27M and the .zep file about 9M.

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    ZazMMM -

    Thanks for sharing! If you can upload the source data and .ZEP to something like Google Drive we can have a look for you, but based on the images in the screenshot it looks like there is very little parallax between the shots, as though it was captured on a tripod with the camera swiveled around on one spot - Definitely keen to dig into this data and give you feedback :-) is the place to send the download link once uploaded!