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Inconcistent Layers Detcted when using DJI Phantom4 Multispectral Images

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  • Inconcistent Layers Detcted when using DJI Phantom4 Multispectral Images

    Hey there,

    I received DJI Phantom4 multispectral images which I want to use to create an orthophoto, a DTM and a DSM out of it. Since I'm a novice, I followed the tutorial A12: Multiband Dataset Processing Tutorial.

    I skipped step 1, since DJI is not providing a calibrated reflectance panel. After adding the images to a new project, 3D Flow automatically detected multiple layers and created them. When I want to click next however, I receive an error message: "Inconsistent layers detected". I've checked the images and for each camera there are 5 images for each band.

    Is there a way to find out which layer is causing the error and what exactly the error is?

    Thanks you very uch in advance.


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    Hi Tobias,

    it's hard to tell without taking a look at the dataset and exactly what you imported. I suppose maybe you have incoherent layers, as in, the automatically detected layers from the filenames are not loaded correctly due to how they have been named.

    Try loading the layers manually for example and see if the problem persist - regardless, feel free to share with us the dataset if you can (or a subset that can replicate the behaviour, if you can make one) with and we will be happy to give you more specific directions - thank you!