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Combining the top and bottom parts of an object

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  • Combining the top and bottom parts of an object

    Is there a workflow for this in 3DF Zephyr Lite or do you need the full version?

    Combining two different image sets of the top and bottom of an object to in the end get a single mesh and texture.

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    Hi CML,

    you can indeed combine the two sets together without the use of GCPs or other advanced features.

    Make sure to take enough photos of the subject (there has to be overlap between the two scans, i would suggest for example a third orbit perpendiculare to the first two) and make sure to mask the images using 3DF Masquerade.

    You can find a tutorial here which also includes a sample dataset to try

    and a videotutorial here

    and eventually, a specific advanced tutorial for masking over turntable scenarios


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      Thanks for the quick reply. Seems like the way to go. The excellent masking tool makes turning the object not a big deal.