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Questions about inside a house.

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  • Questions about inside a house.

    Hello everyone!

    I want to create a full model of my house (only interior) but I have some questions.
    I want the final product to be as accurate and realistic as possible. I know there might be some model editing involved after everything is generated, but I want at least the generation of the mesh to be as best as possible.

    What tips and advices can you offer to a newbie?

    About hardware
    Right now, I'm able to use a Nikon D5300, and a Samsung S10 Plus.
    Which of those should I use for the best pictures? What settings should I use?
    Are there other alternative devices on the market that are somehow cheap and the best for this job?
    How many pictures should I make for a average size room?

    About software
    What settings should I apply in Zehyr to make the best mesh for a room/house interior?
    Moreover, should I make a mesh for each room and then combine them in a mesh editing software?

    That would be all for now. Thanks you in advance for everything. I really appreciate any help and advice.

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    Hi Paladin -

    To answer your questions:

    - Use the DSLR rather than mobile - DSLR allows for more control and consistency across your photographic image set.
    - The settings will depend on the environment/lighting etc... High F/Stop (8-16) Low ISO (640ISO or lower) and a longer shutter speed to achieve a good level of exposure: To minimize motion blur use a tripod and shutter release cable,
    - You can use most cameras for photogrammetry, but the more you spend on higher quality gear (all other variables equal) the better your results will be (improved low light performance, higher resolution, higher dynamic range etc...) I'd recommend something like a Sony A7R3 and a wide lens (approx 20mm) for interior spaces.
    - The average size room varies but for high quality results you will likely need to take upwards of 350 images per room - This number changes depending on your camera and lens FOV.

    Use the default general settings in Zephyr - This way you will improve your photographic approach in tune with how Zephyr operates. If you adjust lots of settings on Zephyr to compensate for a bad set of photographs then you will likely get frustrated with increased processing times without necessarily seeing improved results.

    If you mesh each room and combine in post production that might end up being a lot of work, I'd start small with one room, then try and capture another with plenty of overlap between the two scenes - It's certainly possible to capture an entire building with Zephyr but you shouldn't attempt this as a first capture, instead build up to it.

    Summary: Practice practice practice! :-)


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      Thanks you so much for the details and explanation. Zephyr is not only a software but a great community. Can't wait to create more and more. Thanks a lot again. I really appreciate. Can't wait to put everything to practice