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glass/reflective surface settings

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  • glass/reflective surface settings

    im using general default parameters for 3d model generation but for structures/building having glass/reflective/transparent façade the 3d model is not coming good can you suggest what settings to be used ?
    these are some of the resized images
    original images are of high quality and around 2000 nos
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    Hi - Glass etc... is always a challenge for photogrammetric processing. Here are my thoughts:

    - It might be that your image calibration is a bit off and causing issues, try changing the calibration on all images to 'automatic' (reference image attached)
    - What are your camera settings? Make sure your shutter speed is high and low ISO.
    - Are you using a rolling shutter or global shutter camera? If you're capturing using a rolling shutter there might be some inconsistencies across the image whereas global will be more robust in motion.
    - Do you get much cloud in your location? If you do then this will help to diffuse the sunlight evenly on the building and improve results.
    - You could also consider using a polarizing filter on your lens to help minimize reflections.

    I hope this helps! I know it's a lot of photographs but if you could share them with us we can give more targeted feedback :-) Google Drive or similar file sharing service works best. You can send privately to
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