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  • rendering problem

    Dear Zephyr team!

    Can You please tell me the reason of this strange rendering beviour:
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    Thank You very much, robert

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    Hi robert langh

    Thanks for sharing! I'm scratching my head a little here but some thoughts:

    1. Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date.
    2. Might be a georeferencing issue? Unlikely because I've never seen that inside Zephyr before but maybe!

    If the dataset is georeferenced (GPS) then Zephyr automatically saves the mesh vertices with double-precision (no rounding errors etc...) - LOTS of software doesn't support double precision data, so to import successfully it needs to be converted to a Local Rendering Reference System. (Maya, Meshlab etc... etc...).

    You can select local rendering reference system on export, or in the workspace you can click this button:


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      Thank You for the answer,
      I know this double-precision problem, and my video driver is up to date.
      The fotos are from an Iphone mini with GPS on, so I also tried to delete the GPS from the exif, but the result is the same...
      The strangest thing is that some other foto sequences with the same settings, same Iphone, are rendering well.
      I got theese fotos zipped from someone, on wetransfer, so its hard to test them myself...
      Hopefully the failure wont happen again...

      Thanks a lot, bests, robert