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    Hi there,

    I've just finished updating zephyr. I am using the same settings as before but the new version (while working as long as before on the mesh) is producing a lower res model than before. The output of the new model is 3mb where it used to be 60mb for the task I am doing. I have also selected 8k textures to be generated, yet upon export when I look in the folder the textures are only 2K.
    Not sure what is going on. Anybody had any issues?
    Is there any way I could revert to the previous version?

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    Hi cgi_dan

    When new versions are released, what may seem like the same setting on the surface will always be a bit different as the core systems have been optimized and refined. There are many input and processing variables to consider when it comes to 3D reconstruction, so there is a high likelihood that the results will end up a bit different from version to version.

    There are two likely reasons for the file size disparity - Vertex count is lower and/or the image file is a lower resolution or is in the lossy JPEG format which makes it difficult to predict file size.

    If there is not enough texture information in the image set for 8K textures to be created, a lower resolution will be generated (otherwise the additional resolution would be redundant).

    Here's the version archive: so if you like you can roll back to a previous version (3DF Zephyr Full/Lite) - Free is always current release.

    Hope this helps!


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      Hi cam3d

      Thanks a lot for the reply, I was struggling to find the archive but got there with the link. I think I will use the previous build for now but will experiment with the new version in the future.
      Thanks again for the quick help.