Enhancing the Vertical

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  • Oscar
    • Feb 2023
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    Enhancing the Vertical

    We are preparing a demonstration for a customer; it is a construction site with a gentle slope from NW to SE of about 7m from the NW to the SE, the site is approx 160m square. When we fly the site and map it with our drones we get an accurate representation of the site (and this is used in their CAD design) but the client would like to see the vertical dimension exaggerated. We cannot immediately see a way of doing this in 3DZephyr, but we're sure it's possible. Can someone show us how?
  • cam3d
    • Sep 2017
    • 665

    Hey Oscar

    AFAIK this is not possible in Zephyr as you can scale XYZ combined, but not independently.

    The simplest way to do this would be in a program like Meshmixer, Blender, etc... where you can simply scale one axis and maintain the rest.