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  • Double model in places


    I am sure this is on a thread somewhere but I can't find it. I have created a model of a large oak. At the bottom it is all good but as I get higher up the tree the branches have sky edges and as it goes higher still the sky becomes mirror branches until there is double of each branch. Is this because I have noise or shadow in my images? What can I do to get avoid getting this doubling up? Is there a better setting I can use? The model was 863 images and urban setting with everything on high details.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hey JimBob - This kind of thing is usually a result of movement in the canopy, the higher you go, the more obvious the movement (and disparity of reconstruction).

    Generally speaking it's best to use General Defaults rather than more processing heavy settings so as to avoid unnecessary waiting times and reduce the likelihood of false positives.

    Happy to review the project if you're able to share the images + .ZEP (