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  • Jesus Fernandez
    Blossoming 3Dflower
    • May 2023
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    DJI video MP4 and SRT

    Hello. I have some DJi drone flights, and the video format is mp4 and also an associated .SRT file that has the geolocations.
    I have been able to extract the frames and assemble everything but it is not in coordinates.
    I have converted the .SRT to .CSV to import it as camera links, it gives me an error.
    Does anyone know how to include this georeferencing more automatically than include GCP??
  • Andrea Alessi
    3Dflow Staff
    • Oct 2013
    • 1308

    Hello Jesus,

    you can either embed such geolocation in the images directly as GPS information, and zephyr will automatically pick them up for you, or you have to assign them as a camera constraint.

    If you get an error, double check your file as likely it's malformed - make sure that the filenames are correct as well as that you are providing all coordinates information.