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adding more photos to a big garden

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  • cam3d
    Hi robert langh - Thanks for letting us know you resolved the issue!

    Mobile phone images aren't the ideal start point but I'm glad you were able to use our custom settings options to overcome the shortcomings of the images themselves.

    We are continually reviewing and modifying presets so they perform optimally, thanks for the feedback.

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  • robert langh
    Hi again,

    Finally the problem seems to be solved,
    playing with the parameters all the remaining images were accepted!
    My photos were made with a mobile phone, so the result will be according to the image quality,
    (my laptop is without a GPU, 32GB ram)
    so please take a look at these parameters, maybe some of them can be improved...

    thanks again, r

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  • robert langh

    Thanks for the possibility to send You the .zep files, but now the project is too big with the photos, nearly 30 GB..
    The first 2000 photos were easily registered in one step by the program, only adding the new photos are problematic.
    For example, here are two photos which were taken different time, I think, they look similar...

    Usually this doesnt make a big difference, the other 2000 photos are related to each other more or less the same proportion!

    Do You think the SFM algorhytm works different in the case of adding new photos?
    (Last year I was experimenting with the tryout full version of Zephyr, adding new images with registration points, it was also not working for me...)

    Thanks again, r

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  • cam3d
    Hi Robert - SFM settings will depend on the images themselves - Feel free to upload the images and .ZEP project and share them with us at - we can help troubleshoot from there.

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  • robert langh
    started a topic adding more photos to a big garden

    adding more photos to a big garden


    How can I extend my 2000 photos dataset further with adding some hundred more photos to it?
    The new photos can only be accepted with the highest SFM settings, when the camera is the same, and the light conditions are also similar...
    I tried to add only 2-3 images first, with success, and the trying to add the rest to the accepted ones, with lower SFM settings, but in vain..

    What SfM settings can I use for adding the rest of the photos?

    thanks, Robert