How can I obtain the .slpk format?

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  • WhiteRooT
    Blossoming 3Dflower
    • Jul 2024
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    How can I obtain the .slpk format?

    Hello, good day. I'm rendering in 3DF ZEPHYR software, but to publish it online, I need the .slpk format. Which software can I use to obtain this format in the highest quality without significantly distorting the meshes? Thank you.
  • cam3d
    • Sep 2017
    • 670

    Hi WhiteRooT - That's the first time I've heard of this format! Does your project require this proprietary ARCGIS format? There are lots of different ways to get 3D models online -

    I would recommend something like Sketchfab for ease, but we have a bunch of different formats you can use with different 3D hosting systems.