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Request for Make Planar / Flatten Filter

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  • Request for Make Planar / Flatten Filter

    Would there be any scope to add a filter to simply flatten a mesh selection?

    Having options for best fit/average, by edge vertices or even XY/vertical plane would be great

    The main reason is I often want to be able to quickly flatten out areas of walls/ceilings, particularly in corners, where the surfaces are noisy and it'd be great to do this all inside Zephyr.

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    if this works out, then for a square wall you would only need 4 vertices in the end!


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      Indeed! In my case i typically work with buildings/outdoor scenes where a simple plane maybe sufficient at times, certainly for the surrounding elements.

      I appreciate that mesh manipulation is beyond the scope of Zephyr but it'd be handy to be able to flatten local areas as a quick fix.