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Combining photos from different shooting sets

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  • Combining photos from different shooting sets


    I have an outdoor object where pictures were taken on different days. I think because of changes in lighting, the software sometimes rejects images from one set or another (only images from one set are oriented during reconstruction of sparse cloud).
    Are there suggestions on dealing with that?
    Any settings in particular that could help combine the different sets?

    Alternatively, is there a way to make two separate sparse clouds from the two sets and combine them later?

    Thanks you.

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    Hi Tim,

    Have you checked out the tutorials?

    This may help:


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      Hi Paul,

      I have been going through the tutorials. Perhaps I missed the one referring to issue I'm seeing?



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        Hi Tim,

        without looking at the photos is a bit difficult to tell you exactly why it is failing.

        It could be that your subject changed a lot during the time. It is possible to use sets taken in different points in time, however you have to be careful that there is consistent information. Very different lighting can be an issue.

        You can force the merge over two different worskpaces using control points or simple merge if they are already in the same correct coordinate system.

        If you'd like to share the photos with us, i'll gladly have a look at them!


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          Thanks for the info.
          You are correct, the lighting is different between the two sets because they were shot on different days.
          When I add all the photos at once and try to generate the sparse cloud, only images from one set get oriented.

          I'd like to try merging them together.
          Should I start two separate projects with the two sets and then merge them?


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            Yep! Which version of zephyr are you using though?


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              Apologies for the late reply. I'm using version 3.503