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Image Quality Index included in free version?

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  • Image Quality Index included in free version?

    I'm about to begin working with Zephyr watching tutorials. I startet a first foto-session which wasn't very successful. Only 13 out af 40 photos could be used - maybe the setting wasn't good (indoor, several lights, flash ...I know that ;-) ) ... but my question is: in some of the tutorials the image quality index utility is used to check the photos. But in my utilities menu I'm not able to find it. Is it available in the free-version?

    Thank you very much for any information (and also for further tips and tricks to get good photos) Especially from indoor-objects due to the fact that I want to use zephyr to documentate historical stuff in museums ...

    Many Thanks

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    Have you by chance tried the Deep/Exhaustive settings to find more photos? There is also a tutorial that they have for photo taking if you haven't seen it yet

    It is the 2nd one.


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      Hi Michael!

      you are correct, the quality index is not available in 3DF Zephyr Free. You can however download the trial for zephyr lite if you wish to try it (or if you want to share your dataset i'll help pinpoint what's wrong in your images), or feel free to ask me for another trial key for zephyr if you already used the 14 days included in the lite download

      As avioavionics pointed out we did a videotutorial about photography for photogrammetry, so that's a good starting point. Unfortunately without seeing the photos it's hard to give you more specific advice


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        Hi Andrea!

        Sorry for getting back to you so late. I've had too much work to do to get on trying Zephyr. But now there is time and so I've just downloaded the 14-days trial. I've watched all the tutorials but sometimes it is difficult to provide the best conditions...

        We made new pictures with a better camera today ... from a reconstructed neolithic house. We shot about 100 pictures from different angles ... but unfortunately I'm not able to exceed 50% of pictures which can be used by zephyr. I don't know why ... would it be possible to load them to my dropbox and send you the link?

        Thank you very much for your help!

        By the way: today the free-version prompted me to make an update ... the download started ... finished ... but the NEXT Button showed no reaction. I've then downloaded the newest version from the website and installed it manually. Half a hour ago the next update for the free-Version was announced ... same happened: download started, next button won't work!


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          Hi Michael,

          sure absolutely, i will contact you via the email you used to register at the forum so you can send the dataset link to me.

          (on a side note, we now added the quality index on the free as well with 3.701 )

          Thank you for reporting the update issue, I'll look into it!