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Are GoPro cameras suitable?

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  • Are GoPro cameras suitable?


    I've just started using Zephyr Lite with an SLR to shoot mostly building exteriors and think it's incredible!

    However, i want to record higher level shots to fill in the roofs etc and wondered if a high level pole mounted GoPro, such as the Hero 6, could produce useful additional information? I know the small sensor, exposure control etc will be a compromise but just want to know if it's an option?


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    Hi sam3d,

    thank you for your kind words!

    Yes, you can mix data from a SRL with data from a different camera, even a gopro. As you mentioned, it's expected that the data coming from a smaller sensor device wont' be as good as if it was taken with a better camera, but you can absolutetly use it

    Given the high distortion of the gopro sensor, i suggest you take a few more shots. Zephyr is completetly autocalibrated but if you feed a small amount of photos the autocalibration might fail or be inaccurate, so try taking a few more shots just to be sure.

    Bottom line: yes, you can just be a little bit more careful with your acquisition process, if you're not getting the results you're expecting feel free to post here and we'll be happy to help


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      Great, thank you!


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        Wow - it handles fisheye lenses automatically! That's very cool.