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AR workflow using Samsung device

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  • AR workflow using Samsung device

    Step by Step Instructions for Augmented Reality Android A walkthrough of how to use Unity to get Art onto your phone

    Training Video to get setup:

    Required Software:

    Unity Engine: (Free version) Java: (win 64bit version or your version)

    in Unity set JDK path in Edit->Preferences->External Tools

    If build errors read this:

    Setup path variables in Unity: (Only if having issues this might help) Android Studio:

    In Unity set SDK path in Edit->Preferences->External Tools

    Google AR Core with Unity Video explaining ARCore

    ARCore supported devices

    Download the app on android store "ARCore by Google" (Free) to your Android Device.
    This app will allow you to hit the "play button" in Unity as long as your phone is connected via USB and you can debug your art without having to make a build and test it each time

    Enable Developer Options on your Android Phone

    (Google your phone type and watch video on how to do this for yours)

    After you've got all this set up and tested the HelloAR test on your device it's just a matter of swapping their art with your art.

    You will drag that into place and hit build and it will ask you to save an APK file which you will then select and right click -> send to -> your device (phone/Tablet) then you will find the file where it stores uploaded files

    Mine is Samsung -> My Files -> tap the APK file you uploaded and it will install Vuforia is tool within Unity Engine for AR apps

    Vuforia is another 3rd party Program that runs in Unity. It's free to develop with but will cost money when you do create your app. It involves setting up an account on their site and copy/paste license into unity to test your app. It's useful for persons making art for IOS/Android etc.. so you don't have to waste time making different builds for different devices be it phones, tablets, ar glasses etc..

    GDC explaining Vuforia

    Vuforia Website:

    How to install and set up license keys etc:

    Using ARcore with Vuforia:

    Vuforia Core Samples: (Download this from Unity Asset store it's Free)

    Vuforia Ground Plane Demo: Cool Videos that show off Augumented Reality

    Portal into another world effect:

    Playing Card Demo

    Cloud Anchors (for multiplayer game development)

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    I also bought Samsung s4 tablet works just as nice but not quite as powerful as note 9 phone

    For recording your screen get du recorder free on app store

    If you use IOS they have ARkit for their workflow but I could not develop iOS on my pc


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      Awesome, thanks for the write up. I have been toying with the AR as well and am glad to see someone else with similar workflow. Didnt know about the du recorder though so thank you for the heads up. Is your asset static, or are you manually dragging your asset (example nachos) into position or possibly using another tool such as a Image target or Qr code. Anyway your stuff is looking good, hope to see more (now excuse me the nachos and cupcake made me hungry lol)


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        It uses dots called anchor points that lock the object onto the surface detected. I made the material transparent in unity so the dots don't show up but still works as if they exist


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          Here's video I've uploaded:

          Just click my tag and I have 2 more videos

          Let me know if you need further assistance


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            Good work, Definitely seems more stable than the holotool kit on the hololens