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Reprojecting texture onto unwrapped mesh

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  • Reprojecting texture onto unwrapped mesh

    I'm a 3D artist and i'm very interested in ability to reproject texture onto my unwrapped meshes. In this tutorial: it is said that such feature is available in all Zephyr versions, however i can't find import option in Zephyr free. Does "all versions" actually means "all but free"?

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    Hi romullus,

    thank you for spotting that! You're right, that feature is not available in 3DF Zephyr Free, but only on Lite/Pro/Aerial.

    Initially, that feature was available in pro/aerial only, and we added the "This feature has been enabled on all Zephyr versions since v2.600." sentence to specifiy that later versions of zephyr lite also had that feature, too, when zephyr free was not out yet. I have now corrected the page to reflect that Zephyr Free does not have that feature.

    As a side note, you can download and install a 14 days of 3DF Zephyr Lite (no registration required) from here (where you can also, eventually, request a pro/aerial free trial as well)


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      Thank you, but i think i already spent my trial period of Zephyr lite and i certainly don't need, nor could i afford pro/aerial.


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        no problem! Let me know if you need an additional trial period


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          Thank you for the offer, i will keep that in mind! :] So far i really enjoy Zephyr free and i will consider lite version when/if i decide to tackle photogrametry on a bit more serious level. Having active and friendly support is also very big plus!


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            happy to help!

            and thank you for the kind words!