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Can you use new smartphones? Note 10?

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  • Can you use new smartphones? Note 10?

    I have successfully used zephyr with my large digital slr, but when I used my cellphone pics didnt work? I circled around a little pikachu figurine and took about 65 photos around it. When I loaded the photos into zephyr instead of a clear model with all the blue photo locations circled around it was a jumbled mess. Do smartphone photographs not include enough information for zephyr to use?

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    Hi Ryencool,

    you can use any camera with zephyr, however the quality of the lense, sensor size, lighting and subject all play a vital role.

    You will generally get less beautiful results using a cellphone or any device with a small sensor, but in this case i think the problem may have been the figurine, as pikachu is not very textured and i assume being a plastic one, which bring in shadows. Moreover, if you shot indoors, not having the control you have with a DSLR leave you with images that are not very suitable for photogrammetry.

    If you can share your photos with me, I'll be happy to give you more specific insights.