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A total Noobie's question..

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  • A total Noobie's question..

    I finally created a model of one of my sculptures with Zephyr Free. Before I consider buying the full version, I'm trying to understand what all can be done with the model now that it's created. I'm really only interested in creating the 3D mesh as I want to get the file into an stl file somehow so I can use it in my CNC carving work. The texture meshes don't really come into play. I can't find anything (that I understand) about how a zep.file can be converted into something like obj or stl without using a high end animation type program of some kind. Is there a simple approach? The reason I'm using Zephyr is because I sculpt my models first and then want to turn them into 3D files that can be read by my CAM program, sliced, and converted into G-Code to be carved out in wood on my CNC. Tom

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    Hi Tom,

    3DF Zephyr free only export textured meshes (which are not supported by the STL format). If you simply need to export in STL, you need to export the mesh (not the textured mesh). You can do so with 3DF Zephyr Lite, which you can get as a free trial (no registration required) here

    Please note that all 3D reconstructions are initially in an arbitrary scale. If you need to scale them for printing or cnc using, either consider using the pro or aerial version (which can use control points) or, if you don't need high precision, you can also use free/lite following this short guide


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      Thanks Andrea. I'll check out "Lite" and see if I can figure it out.