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Road to version 5.0 (Dragonfruit) - beta test thread

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  • Road to version 5.0 (Dragonfruit) - beta test thread

    The 3DF Zephyr 5.0 beta test starts today!

    Feel free to use this thread as a general discussion thread and/or for bug reporting or for any questions.

    You can find more about the development status here:

    Or some development status articles:

    You can also send bug reports to or contact us :

    On our 3Dflow Academy Facebook page:

    On our Discord server:

    On our twitter

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    Is the Beta access admission by invite only. I did not see any questionnaire to fill in after following the beta 5 link to sign into my account.
    Kind regards,


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      Originally posted by Mitmatmoo View Post
      Is the Beta access admission by invite only. I did not see any questionnaire to fill in after following the beta 5 link to sign into my account.
      Kind regards,
      just under "my account" you have "beta access"...


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        Not a real bug.. it is just a message a little bit confusing. Just after clicking "run" on the textured Mesh generation wizard, you get a message window which says "finalizing".
        Is it normal ? It should not be "Initializing" ?


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          I don't seem to have a 'My Account' just 'Account' there are no drop down options available under account either.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	Annotation 2020-05-20 114431.png
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ID:	6271


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            yes, the beta is invite only. If you have an invitation code, you need to access your 3Dflow account to redeem it


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              Changelog 4.962

              + Fixed problems with UTF8 / Unicode character sets in Scarlet
              + Fixed an issue with bundle adjustment on large datasets and variable parameters
              + 16 decimals xmp export
              + Export dialogs now keep you previous checkbox choices when you switch formats
              + Improved image I/O speed and undistorted image creation
              + Preset rebalancing
              + Scarlet can now be used in the beta without a Zephyr Aerial license installed
              + Added command to "reset" camera
              + Fixed an issue with an unsupported library with Windows 7 (please note that Windows 7 support is still not official)
              + Fixed an issue with progress bar showing the text of a previous job


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                Changelog 4.963

                + Fixed an issue with the photoconsistency edge filter
                + Added the possibility to use only check-points to generate a report in the control points alignment dialog
                + Added multithreading file loading in scarlet
                + Added option to choose the maximum number of thread to use in Scarlet


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                  Has anyone had bad luck with the beta version? I've been doing a data set that I know is "good enough" because with the old software it uses 1649 out of 1650 pictures. With the beta version, it's using a lot less pictures. Out of 1700 pictures it only used 1358 of them and one end of the model had a huge flaw. Is anyone else experiencing this, or is it just my data set (the inside of a cave)?


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                    Hi Randolph,

                    we received you datasets (the ones with 800 cameras), and we already made some parameter re-balancing, without changing the speed of the reconstruction. We'll be pushing them with the new update later tomorrow.
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	798.JPG
Views:	438
Size:	9.0 KB
ID:	6284 (with general - deep)

                    In general, there is no known issue (to the best of our knowledge, we didn't another report of this kind), but having changed the algorithms require to tune everything better. Your datasets present a quite challenging acquisition. However, if you are still having problems, I would kindly ask to also share the bigger datasets, along with the settings used with the previous version.



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                      Changelog 4.964

                      + Fixed a problem with dataset merge using control points
                      + Loading calibrated focal length from images storing the value
                      + Samantha preset rebalancing
                      + Fixed an issue with photoconsistency edge filtering
                      + Fixed an issue that prevent to send dump files on certain configurations
                      + Textured mesh rendering speed up
                      + Added function to convert a surface drawing element to a mesh
                      + Minor fixes

                      Thank you all for your continuous feedback!


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                        Changelog 4.965

                        + Fixed raw-format rotation when using WIC image engine
                        + Fixed a problem when exporting e57 georeferenced data
                        + Fixed a crash in Scarlet
                        + Fixed a crash when importing a point cloud with few points
                        + Scarlet rendering speed ups
                        + Fixed a crash when using the densified mesh enhancer workflow


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                          Changelog 4.966

                          + Improved edge filtering perfomances
                          + Fixed an issue with marker detection and unstable triangulation
                          + Fixed an issue when adding cameras to the workspace


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                            Changelog 4.967

                            + Fixed an issue of missing triangles when importing a quad mesh for retexturing
                            + Added possibility to transfer texture mesh (instead of recomputing it) when importing a mesh with uv maps
                            + Scarlet visualization speed ups
                            + Added bounding box definition in Scarlet
                            + Improved edge filtering
                            + Bug fixes