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What file formats are supported for laser scanning?

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    STL requires a mesh, so you will need to structure your point cloud first


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      Thank you, Andrea

      But your reply is too difficult for me to understand everything.
      (However, I'm just getting the message that STL is not available.)

      Since the reply from the trader is that the file format is STL only, I decide to give up on merging with laser scanning and photogrammetry.
      And then I'm going to try the other method.

      I searched within the English forum and I'm very interested in "dirty the subject".
      And I suspect that the following steps will produce a Better output.
      1) Take pictures of the original subject.
      2) Dirty the subject and take pictures of it.
      3) Run Zephyr for each of the original subject and the dirty subject, and merge the data of one dense point cloud into the data of the other dense point cloud.
      4) Run Zephyr according to tutorials A07-1 to 3 using the point cloud data from the dirty subject instead of the point cloud data from the laser scan.

      Will my expectations be fulfilled?