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Computer is crashing on Mesh Build

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  • Computer is crashing on Mesh Build

    My computer has crashed twice when trying to build the first Mesh ( not textured mesh ) .

    My computer specs:
    Free Disk Space 127GB
    Windows 10 Home
    Click image for larger version  Name:	cVh32u3.png Views:	0 Size:	19.7 KB ID:	6699

    [18:49:03] SysInfo | Cpu: 6.14 %; Disk (U/T): 1965400/2096111 MB (130711 MB free, 93.76 % used); Memory (U/T): 2360/16320 MB (9274 MB free, 14.46 % used)

    Model Images Details:
    # of images: 1449
    Each image size about 2.5mb

    When I restart the autosave file doesn't have any of the mesh build work done.

    Thank you for any suggestions on how to get 3Dflow to finish the mesh build!

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    ThursdayJuly23rd - If you have any overclocking (manual or automatic) try turning that off and seeing if it resolves your issue. Zephyr draws heavily on resources and if you have any weak components then they may be identified by intense processing.

    Can you share the full log with us please to give a better picture of what's going on? Link on how to find the log:


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      Do I need to have two separate models and join them? Is that somehow easier for the computer to handle? Thanks very much!


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        cam3d Thanks for the quick reply... it was 3mb ( too big for uploading to forum ) ... so here is the dropbox link to the log file:

        Thank you for taking a look and giving me any ideas
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          ThursdayJuly23rd - sorry for the late reply! Didn't notice your response until now. Thanks for sharing the log file, it looks like you are running out of RAM - For high levels of detail or large image counts (or indeed both) you will need plenty of RAM to ensure things run smoothly. I'd strongly advise an upgrade from 16gb to 32gb or greater to ensure you have headroom for bigger projects.


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            cam3d Thank you for the reply. If I anticipate 10,000 images in my model each being about 3mb in file size how much RAM and hard drive space would that require? Thanks very much!

            Could you also take a quick look at this post that doesn't have an answer yet:

            Thank you!
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              ThursdayJuly23rd - I believe it depends also on the settings you chose for processing, but I'm no good at crunching RAM requirements myself - Calling Andrea!

              I'll have a look at that unanswered post now.


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                the amount of ram is not directly dependent on the MB size of the photo, as JPG compression can be very different and misleading on the actual resolution: I would need to know the resolution of the photos to give you a better estimate, plus, it is also dependent on the settings used.

                In any case, as a ballpark estimate, 10.000 photos are quite a bit, so I would say you need at between 64GB and 128GB if you want to process them togheter in one run. If they are very small though (e.g. from a raspberry or gopro video stream) you may be able to run it with 64GB, but i doubt less.


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                  Thank you for the helpful reply... currently I'm shooting images at 6144x3456, bit depth 24, 96dpi. Here is an example image:

                  How much hard drive space would you recommend for this?

                  Thank you again.