Locating 3DF Zephyr log files

The 3DF Zephyr log files are just a few clicks away. Feel free to send us the relevant log files (or post relevant sections in our forum) if you have questions or need assistance. We’re always happy to help and to improve 3DF Zephyr!

  • The short answer

3DF Zephyr stores the log files in your %appdata% directory. The subdirectory might be slightly different depending on your os version and 3DF Zephyr release type (i.e. “%appdata%/Roaming/3DF Zephyr Pro/Log”)

  • The “long” answer
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In order to find your 3DF Zephyr log directory, run 3DF Zephyr and click on the Tools Menu (1).

Click on Options (2): the “Options” window will appear. Click on the “Application” Tab (3) and then click on the “Open log folder” button (4).

A Window’s explorer window will appear at the correct path.

You will then find all the log files in the Log_yyyy_mm_dd__hh_mm_ss.txt filename format.