3DF Zephyr reconstruction showcase

Here are some real-world applications cases in which 3DF Zephyr has been employed.

If you’d like to have your 3D reconstruction featured in our showcase section, feel free to contact us at support@3dflow.net!

The following embedded reconstructions are low-poly and low-res for a smoother web navigation experience.

Dante’s Statue

Reconstruction of the Dante statue in Piazza dei Signori in Verona from 102 pictures.

3DF Zephyr is widely used in Archaeology and fine arts applications by many professionals all over the world.

Dataset courtesy of Picelli-Tacconi studio

Duomo of Pisa

Point cloud reconstruction of Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa.

Reconstruction from only ground pictures.

Dataset courtesy of Visual Computing Lab

Cherub Statue

Reconstruction of a cherub statue with 65 pictures.

This is the dataset used in the first 3DF Zephyr tutorial and showcases the typical acquisition workflow used for small objects.

No masking was done and the pictures were acquired with no special equipment.

Raspberry Pi body scan

Full body scan from 120 raspberry pi cameras.

3DF Zephyr can be used also with wide range of cameras, from the small-sized sensor raspberry pi to the full frames cameras the market can offer.

Dataset courtesy of pi3dscan

Aerial survey

Aerial survey used as thesis in the engineering “Enzo Ferrari” dept. of the Università di studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia

The document is a well done survey that also explores and explain how Zephyr’s accuracy is critical for this kind of surveys.

Shape from Silhouette

Shape from silhouette example.

3DF Zephyr Pro supports the classic multiview stereo approach as well as the Shape from Silhouette (voxel carving) approach, ideal for completely transparent or translucent surfaces.

Dataset made with only 20 pictures, more info on the SfS tutorial

Skeleton excavation

Reconstruction of a skeleton excavation site by the Civic Museum of Rovereto.

Dataset made with roughly 400 pictures. Archaeology is one of the many fields which benefits from photogrammetry and, more importantly, from Zephyr’s accuracy and precision.

Underwater Photogrammetry Hesper Shipwreck Orthophoto
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HESPER shipwreck orthophoto

Underwater photogrammetry application.

Orthophoto of the “HESPER” shipwreck. Wonderful survey done in three different days with three very different water conditions.

Dataset courtesy of Jerry Eliason, Great Lakes Shipwreck Preservation Society


Zeche Zollern UAV

3D model generated by processing only 221 images – 3Dflow would like to acknowledge the provision of the datasets by ISPRS and EuroSDR, released in conjuction with the ISPRS scientific initiative 2014 and 2015, lead by ISPRS ICWG I/Vb.

The full dataset can be requested for download at isprs.org