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What is 3DF Zephyr Education?

3DF Zephyr Education is a specific edition for teachers and students: same features, different license. With 3DF Zephyr Education commercial purposes are not allowed, while teaching, students project or thesis are strongly encouraged.

How much does it cost?

Universities laboratories, schools laboratories, and researchers can get a substantial discount to purchase 3DF Zephyr:

3DF Zephyr Education can be purchased as low as 1200€ + VAT.

3DF Zephyr Education comes in three multi-seat options as well:

– 5 licenses2400€ + VAT
– 10 licenses3000€ + VAT
– 20 licenses4000€ + VAT

By purchasing an Education license, students and teachers can get a time limited license completely for free. Temporary licenses can last up to three months and are constrained to a specific class. Time extension can be discussed on a case by case scenario. Temporary licenses for students and teachers are provided with active Education keys only.

Interested in installing Zephyr in your lab?

Do you need 3DF Zephyr to be installed on multiple computers at the same time (e.g. laboratory scenario)? Contact us at to get our best offer.

How do I apply for an education License?

Just contact us (from your institutional email address) at and tell us about your project/course or fill in this form! We’ll take it from there!