The Complete Photogrammetry Solution

We continue to be impressed by the flexibility of the software and the willingness of the 3DFlow team to work with us in customizing Zephyr for our pipeline

Marco Revelant - Sr. Head of Department - Assets, Weta Digital.

3DF Zephyr’s workshop was very informative. From drones to cultural heritage, the 3d Flow team tailored the course to the needs of each individual in the class. Their willingness to answer questions and customize their software to the specific needs of the cultural heritage community is invaluable.

Heather Johnson - The Metropolitan Museum of Art

[…] 3DF Zephyr, which is far more powerful and far less effort to get a good result. For our work in bringing real world environments into the virtual world accurately and quickly, Zephyr is fantastic.

Colin Green - Digital Monarch Media (a Division of Unity Technologies)

“A practical and intuitive solution for archaeological survey and museum documentation, combined with extraordinary technical support”

Federico Taverni - Turin egyptian museum

Regardless of the product sold, every software house must understand their customer base, deliver solutions frequently and keep improving their software. 3Dflow embodies all these qualities and 3DF Zephyr allows anybody to create high quality deliverables.

Giuseppe Boselli - Geogrà CEO

[…] Zephyr is the most satisfying program for me based on my experiences with various similar tools.[…] I like Zephyr’s reasonable price, no need for high-end PC, easy to use UI, timely upgrade for users’ needs, the ability for various purposes, almost no bugs, etc. […]

Mr. Park - Surveying engineer Injoon

[…] Zephyr is the most convenient tool for me to process drone images that have been taken with RTK. […] Anyone can get used to the software easily without any obstacle […]

Jihoon Jang - Action officer @Land Management Division - Dangjin City Hall, Korea

“Absolutely wonderful product”
“This software is amazing”
“Loving it – just what I was looking for”
“Fantastic software with great customer service”

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3DF Zephyr Lite (Steam Edition) user review

The complete photogrammetry solution


Reconstruct everything in 3D

3DF Zephyr lets photogrammetry catch on in multiple scenarios fostering different targets and needs by taking advantage of an all-in-one software suite.
Our in-house technology is as versatile and user-friendly as possible and it can easily be adapted to the users’ skills.

Choose your camera setup

3DF Zephyr allows performing 3D reconstructions automatically by using pictures and video data taken with any sensor and captured using any acquisition techniques.
You can use different cameras, lenses and focal lengths during the same surveying and scanning session.

Deal with any scanning challenge

Get the most out of aerial and ground photogrammetry by processing videos, spherical pictures, multispectral and thermal + RGB imagery on a single software platform.
3DF Zephyr is not just photogrammetry: import, register and analyze your laser scan data (native file formats supported).

A comprehensive toolkit

Rely on professional selection/editing tools and filters. Leverage many utilities, from 3DF Masquerade and BIM integration to the batch processing and the DEM viewer.
Accurately scale and georeference your 3D models and calculate distances, volumes and areas.

Final products & deliverables

Create true orthophotos, DSM and DTMs, and NDVI maps. Generate sections, contour lines and track sections. Perform CAD drawing directly inside 3DF Zephyr.
Export your 3D models, drawing elements and video animations in all the most common file formats.

Software versions & FlowEngine SDK

3DF Zephyr is the perfect solution to meet your 3D scanning and surveying needs, from mapping and mining to construction and cultural heritage.
FlowEngine SDK completes the whole picture as it allows you to embed our technology into your workflow.

Extend your creativity in 3D surveying to the fullest