3Dflow offers customized computer vision software solutions built around our expertise in the following areas: 3D reconstruction, 3D modeling from reality (both small scale and large scale objects), 3D Stereo processing, augmented reality.

Over the years we have developed a solid foundation of reliable and proprietary computer vision code. Our codebase covers most of the common computer vision topics such as Multiple view Geometry, 2D Image filtering and analysis, Robust Structure Fitting, two views and multiple view Stereo algorithms, View Synthesis, Optical Flow, Keypoint Extraction and Descriptor augmented reality.

Our engineers are highly proficient native c/c++ and gpu developers and have also experience in interfacing with different systems such as Qt, iOS or Android. To request a quote for our services, write us at support@3dflow.net or click on the button below to get other contact options.

3Dflow offers consulting services in the areas of Computer Vision, Photogrammetry, Model acquisition, Industrial Vision.

Our first class technology can be licensed for commercial purposes with flexible and scalable pricing options, tailored for your needs and discussed on a case-by-case scenario. 3DF Samantha and 3DF Stasia can be licensed standalone or together, with a powerful – yet easy to use – SDK at your service.

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Many companies are already using the core technology that is also used in 3DF Zephyr as the foundation of their products and services. We collaborate with both international and local realities working in very different fields. All of them avail of our expertise to develop cutting edge solutions.