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Newbie with big problems

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  • Newbie with big problems

    i am new at this and trying to learn zephyr
    but how i take the picture with lots of lights or less light it become flat and weird
    i have tried to google how to take a good photo with my phone but nothing helps.

    here is with worklight and Samsung S7 camera (mobile)
    there is 31 pics total but i just uploaded a few for show.

    Sorry for my bad english its a bit rusty

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    Hi Logan

    There are a few things going on which make this quite difficult:

    - Your subject (plastic) has a smooth feature-poor surface. These kinds of surfaces are very hard to construct using photogrammetry. As you are just starting out, it makes more sense to practice on a feature-rich subject first, such as a tree stump or a rock.

    - With a challenging subject such as this, there are a number of things you can try which will improve the odds of a successful outcome:

    1. Use a DSLR if available - Phone cameras can be quite limited in control and overall image quality.
    2. Use a feature-rich base for the subject to sit ontop of - (attached reference image of Perlin noise) - This will aide the camera orientation.
    3. Use a fine powder (in this case, finely ground pepper would work) and dust the subject to add feature points for Zephyr to use as surface reconstruction reference.
    4. Shoot outside on a bright yet overcast day. You will have much more light to work with than inside, and this will mean your camera can capture higher quality images, with lower ISO.

    - Additionally, Your subject only takes up a small portion of the overall image. Even with a feature-rich subject, this is a very low resolution for Zephyr to work with. Try getting in as close as possible and filling the frame of your sensor for better results.

    We have a series of video tutorials which I highly recommend to everyone, pro or beginner: along with extensive documentation:

    I hope this was helpful to you! If you have specific questions that are not covered by our video tutorials or documentation, let us know and we can help guide you to the correct solutions.
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      Hello and thanks for the tips i have tried other things like this but the same no luckClick image for larger version

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