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Can I run reconstruction again in same project?

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  • Can I run reconstruction again in same project?

    I have 40 pictures and when the initial reconstruction is done only 4 cameras got aligned. Is there a way to run reconstruction again without starting a new project?

    I'm thinking there should be a way to use those 4 aligned cameras as a starting point to get more of the 36 other cameras aligned to them if I could run the reconstruction again (multiple times.)

    Is there a way to do this?

    Alternatively, can I manually match the missing camera's later? Based on the ones that are matched during reconstruction, I should be able to approximately match the camera locations of the other 36 well enough to maybe help the process use my manual placements as an approximate guide of how to match the remaining pictures to the 4 that were already done. Maybe even manually select key a few key points too?
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    Hi royhf Welcome to the forum -

    Is it possible to share your source photography so we can provide feedback? It's most important that your input images are high quality - Tweaking SFM settings can only get you so far if you have weak input data.

    You can add photos using the 'Add Photos' tool under the 'Workflow' menu, however if the images did not orient successfully initially, there is a high chance they won't work this way either. In these cases, control points can help, however they are limited to the full version of 3DF Zephyr, and cannot be used in Free/Lite.

    This may be interesting reading for you: