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Point cloud / Mesh filters Decimation / Densification

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  • Point cloud / Mesh filters Decimation / Densification

    Point cloud filters Decimation / Densification or Mesh filters Decimation / Densification ----> What gives the best result?


    I'm curious to learn more about the Decimation / Densification effects poon either point cloud or mesh
    When do i use it for the pointcloud? When do i use it for a mesh?

    And what is the difference between Decimation / Densification?

    I cant find enough info to find out if Decimation / Densification on pointcloud gives a better result then Decimation / Densification on a mesh?
    What is the idea behind these tools


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    Hi paul beumer

    Decimation is typically the reduction in something, and densification is an increase.

    You can apply decimation or densification filters on a point cloud or mesh at any time through the menu bar under Tools -> Pointcloud Filters (or) Mesh Filters -> Decimation (or) Densification

    There are a range of different mesh filters and post-processing tools available in Zephyr - I'm not sure if you've stumbled across these already, but here are some resources which you might find useful:

    The outcome of applying a mesh or point cloud filter is neither better nor worse, just different and depends on your context and end goals. Let me know if you have any further questions! Happy to help :-)