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what are wrong with my photos

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  • what are wrong with my photos

    I have tried many photos but no luck,
    i have tried all kind of settings but it just getter worse and worse

    8 of 40 pics is reconstruckted
    i just uploaded a few here

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    I am new but by my experience so far: light, table not enough points software can recognize. Avoid the shiny part.
    Try something else. Go outside and try a trash can or big stone. watch youtube videos about how to. the software needs the background to recognize where the camera is located.
    do 3 rounds with 16 pictures each round (from top, middle, bottom).
    Import, try. Start with that to get used to it.


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      Hi Logan - There are a few things going on here that are making it difficult to successfully orient your camera positions in 3DF Zephyr.

      - Your subject is taking up very little of the overall frame (less than 350*350px if the images you shared with us are the original resolution of the image you are taking)

      - Your light changes dramatically, and you can see that the surface of the table is brighter on the first two images and darker on the rest. You want your lighting to be consistent otherwise it will be much harder to Zephyr to find matching points.

      - I'm going to assume that you have at least some of your camera settings (iso/shutterspeed/fstop) on automatic. Using manual settings is the best way to ensure you're getting consistent input data. As a set of general rules: you want your ISO to be low, your F/Stop to be high, and your shutterspeed to be high if you're shooting handheld. Using a tripod will ease up the shutter speed variable and allow you to lower your ISO and increase your F/Stop while minimising the risk of motion blur through shaky hands.

      - Taking photographs indoors is only really recommended with a tripod or bright lights, and if you don't have these, I'd highly recommend shooting outside on a bright yet overcast day where the sunlight is diffused through cloud and illuminates your subject evenly. The bright light of the sun is easier on your camera sensor and will net you better results faster than a low light interior.

      Here are our tutorials (and documentation) if you haven't already seen them:

      I hope this was helpful! Let me know if there is anything you're having trouble with which isn't covered by our resources - Happy to help problem-solve :-)


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        I am new, but what want you get... only the cup... the cup and the table... the entire room?
        If you want to have only the cup, or cup+table try to use Masquerade in order to make mask for every photo.
        3DF Masquerade (