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  • food photogrammetry

    I want to know if here is an expert of this theme of photogrammetry food.
    i want to know what is the best practice of photogrametry food?
    how i cant reduce the size of the poligons without loosing the quality of the object?
    i want to know all of this topic. if there anyone with experience in this topic please reach to me. my email is

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    Hi Abdielcolon26, welcome to the forum.

    No matter the subject (food, rocks, chairs etc...) the principles remain the same. We have a wide range of tutorials on how to get the most out of 3DF Zephyr:

    To optimize your high poly model and turn it into a low poly model you can use decimation, or simply set the poly count limit when you're in the textured mesh generation stage.

    You might find this interesting:

    If you have any specific questions which aren't answered by our tutorials, please feel free to ask here!