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  • Corrupt workspace?

    Hello, first post ... this is the second time I've tried using 3DF Zephyr, and it's looking better this time! However, I seem to be in some odd situation where it's not saving versions of files correctly, and it keeps corrupting them. Specifically, textured meshes, and when the Save As, under a new name is used - if I have, say, 5 meshes there, then perhaps 2 of the older ones are no longer operational; nothing shows on the screen when selected. And I can't find the trick to clear the problem ...

    Currently, I invoke a textured mesh run, and the results show correctly in the view. I then save the workspace under a new name; close and restart the program - and try loading that last run. What I get on the screen are black shapes, no colours or textures. Using version Free 6.010, in Windows 10.


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    Frank Steinke
    Blossoming 3Dflower
    Frank Steinke - Welcome to the forum!

    Can you please share the project files with us so we can investigate any signs of corruption? Files can be sent to as download links from any public facing file sharing service (Google Drive, We Transfer or whatever works for you)

    If the project files are too large for you to upload, can you please just share the log files? How to locate log files


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      Sorry, didn't see that last message until just now - busy doing other things! I'll get something organised, hopefully shortly, and upload it.