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Photoconsistency based optimization - "iterations"

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  • Photoconsistency based optimization - "iterations"

    Hi, I have a quick question about the help-guide for photoconsistency-based optimization. In the "typical scenario and suggested settings"-section at the end it mentions the parameter "iterations". I can't find this in the Advanced-settings-menu, the GUI, of the PC-filter. In the Custom-settings, there is a "PCMaxIterations"-parameter, or is it the "PCSmoothingIterations"-parameter?

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    Hi Niels -

    You are correct that it's PCMaxIterations under Custom settings.

    PCMaxIterations: The maximum number of iterations the Photoconsistency based optimization procedure is allowed to run.
    PCSmoothingIterations: The number of smooth filter iterations applied after photo-consistency has been processed.

    Note: That tutorial appears to have been created for version 5.009 - As we are now at 6.503 and there have been improvements to the photo-consistency algorithm since the time of writing (, those previously recommended values are aren't as relevant - I only mention this because the max is now 20 iterations and default is 3.

    Have a play around and see what works best for you!


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      Got it, will do. Thanks!