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  • your recommendations for the texture workflow

    Dear 3DFlow staff,

    I'm really not a texture wizard, so I don't have any experience with texture creation/refinement.
    What are your recommendations for expanding the color textures of scanned objects created with Zephyr with additional textures in the further workflow? (AO, metalness, height map etc.)
    The first step (remapping scanned textures to ordered UV textures) is already a big hurdle for me, so I would be grateful for a general workflow with recommendable apps.
    (i mean, you donĀ“t need to explain everything in detail, but telling about the road from Zephyr to Zephyr plus additional textures would be kind.)

    Thanks in advance and keep up your good work at the outstanding Zephyr app!

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    Hi jupp2000 -

    It's difficult to make generic recommendations around texturing as there are lots of different ways to present models and different programs have different requirements. For example, in some programs you can use multi-tile textures (UDIMS) but this isn't supported across all programs. I tend to keep to single textures for this reason, as they are the lowest common denominator.

    Have you heard of xNormal? - It's a free piece of software which you can use to generate all sorts of maps for your model and is a good place to start!

    Here's a tutorial you might find useful:

    If you have specific questions re: texturing in Zephyr, let us know! Outside of Zephyr it's difficult to troubleshoot but more than happy to assist if it happens to be something I'm familiar with.


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      Hi cam3d

      yes, it was a bit off topic, sorry!
      I asked about that, because the textures of Zephyr (and probably all other photogrammetric apps) are "as seen by the camera" and not topological unfolded.
      There is a planar texture export function in Zephyr, can i re-import an edited, unfolded texture again in Zephyr?

      Best regards


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        Hi again jupp2000 - That tutorial I linked ( covers this subject :-) Admittedly it's a little out of date as we have made a few changes since then, but in principle, yes you can export a model from Zephyr, map it in a third party software (like Blender) then re-import and re-texture the model using the new UV map.

        Note: The model has the same scale/rotation/translation when exporting and re-importing so that the cameras all line up nicely to the surface of the model.


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          That was exactly what i was looking for, thank you!



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            I use substance painter it can touch up stuff pretty easily