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    Yes that is the most common workflow, using control points :


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      Hey! Glad you liked them

      I usually measure the real thing then I use 3ds Max or Maya which allows to construct in real world scale be it metric or standard then just create a cube with those dimensions and scale it up or down to get everything consistent.

      This is my last step in creating low polygon versions since your high poly and low need to be in same 0,0,0 position and scale to transfer the details such as the PBR maps diffuse, normal map and ambient occlusion. I create the specular and gloss from scratch.

      Blender 3D also does this and it's free 3d program (I don't use it because I've used 3ds and maya (formally called Alias) since 1994.


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        Here's the latest and greatest - low poly - PBR Cupcakes - let me know if they look ok


        Click image for larger version

Name:	CupCake_01.jpg
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Name:	CupCake_01_W.jpg
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Name:	CupCake_02.jpg
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Name:	CupCake_02_W.jpg
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Name:	CupCake_03.jpg
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ID:	4275


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          They look so real and i hate you for it lol


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            I've been doing 3d for so long it's easy, but with time and dedication and zeal you can do anything you want. (And 3dflow of course)


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              Hey Victor, you only need two control points for scaling a scene - So if for example, you draw two dots on your subject, measure that real world difference, process the scan, pick out those reference control points in Zephyr and set the distance to whatever the measurements were - et voila! - Please note, this functionality is only available in Pro/Aerial.

              You can set scales in other programs (like meshlab for example) by picking points on the mesh and scaling, but picking points in Zephyr through the photographs will yield much more accurate results.


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                I can attest to the 2 control points in Zephyr for proper scaling of a car, it works great.


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                  EDIT: - I repeated myself because I didn't see that this comment thread spanned to page 2 - thought I was going crazy. Heh.
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                    Here's the final I came up with in a box - The last 2 pics are AR spawning it on the coffee table

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Signature_Image_01.jpg
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Name:	Signature_Image_01_W.jpg
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Name:	Screenshot_20190116-075656_Cupcakes.jpg
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Name:	Screenshot_20190116-075604_Cupcakes.jpg
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ID:	4337


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                      Nice, that looks amazing. I am guessing you are using an Image target in the form of the magazine cover to spawn the Cupcakes?
                      Looks great though man.


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                        Actually the newer way is Google ARCore surface detection.

                        It scans for flat surfaces so images are not required. Most newer android phones support it. Makes it easier to drop art anywhere into real world