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    Im a newbie and have spent the last month trying to understand how to make an all aspect model - as if the object is floating in space

    In the example below, the camera positions seem to be correct with the majority of images from above but a couple of images from below .

    What I dont understand is why the mesh images from above are depicted yet the images from below do not appear.

    I'm sure Ive missed the appropriate documentation.


    PS TIA

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    Hi roger,

    it's hard to tell without looking at the photos themselves, but in general when you want a 360° reconstruction on all axis, you will need a turntable and either need a perfectly plain background (e.g. vanta black) or you will need to mask the images. A white wall for example won't be enough, as zephyr will pick up features from the background.

    Here is a tutorial and a videotutorial that should get you on the right direction


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      Thanks for the reply. I have tried endless attempts at masking as well as tripod mounted camera and simulated turntable.

      As far as I am concerned the camera postions are correctly indicated for every image so I dont think the background is the problem ..

      otherwise the camera positions would be incorrect ???

      I will try to create additional images from below to see if the additional content makes a difference.


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        Then you may simply lack enough photos?

        It's hard for me to tell what the problem is without taking a look at the photos - if you want to share them with us (either post a public download link, e.g. gdrive or dropbox here, or send them e.g. via wetransfer to ) I will be happy to give you a more tailored answer


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          Have transferred example datasets via wetransfer to Hope they help!


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            Ive been trying to merge two circular groups of 25 images without much success one group from above the other group from below.

            Each group seperately creates a resonable mesh.

            The problem comes when i try to attempt a combined group of 50 images. Only one or other of the groups is rendered.

            As I am using the free version, I am limited to 50 images. Could the problem be that I need more circular images at different levels?

            In which case do I need to request a trial full version?

            PS wetransfer files expire on 11th December


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              Hi Roger - I had a look at the data provided and you are correct in thinking you need more photos at different levels (maybe two more rings of cameras capturing the edge of the subject, with each of the four rings equidistant). You can download an evaluation copy of 3DF Zephyr through this link


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                many thanks for the reply

                I will try again next week


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                  finally ...

                  got a proper model using litel!

                  added 4 more circular datasets levels) which is probably over the top with a total of 6x24 images (144)