The process is completely automatic.
No coded targets, manual editing or special equipment are needed.
3DF Zephyr is built on top of our proprietary, cutting-edge, reconstruction technology.

3DF Zephyr comes with a user friendly interface, and the capability to export
in many common 3D formats or even to generate high definition videos without
the need of external tools. 3DF Zephyr is the perfect tool for

Any Structure from Motion pipeline can be subdivided into 3 steps: keypoints extraction, keypoints matching and geometric reconstruction. We have developed a solution which leads to huge speed ups without loss of precision. Comparing this step in speed terms, it is up to 90% faster even on an entry level machine. One of the new tools available in 3DF Zephyr 3.0 is the manual and automatic polylines extraction. This feature has been requested many times especially from surveyors and architects. Being able to draw polylines directly in Zephyr and being able to export them in DXF format for CAD applications is a huge speedup in the workflow of many professionals customers.
3DF Zephyr users are now allowed to perform registration of several laser scanner point clouds thanks to a brand new algorithm called Multi ICP Global Bundle Adjustment. Also, one feature that have been requested
for a while now is the native support for laser scanners including file formats such as Faro .fls and .fws. – support for more file format is on the way!
This algorithm is referred to the mesh generation phase inside 3DF Zephyr. In a nutshell, it leads to an increased detail level, even when the starting mesh already has a good quality. Moreover, several datasets tests has shown how important photoconsistent mesh optimization can be when dealing with drone footage.
3DF Zephyr has already been successfully employed on a wide range of application such as:UAV and Aerial Mapping for orthophoto generation,Architectural modelling,Close Range Photogrammetry and Archaeology,Vehicle Collision Analysis,Innovative commerce and marketing solutions,3D Modeling from reality for the game industry,Dental 3D reconstruction,Full body scanning,Health-care prosthesis and face reconstruction,

Features Comparison




Automatic Structure from Motion yep yep yep
Global and Incremental pipeline yep yep yep
Easiest camera calibration management yep yep yep
Add photos anytime yep yep yep
Dense cloud generation yep yep yep
Reconstruction with presets yep yep yep
Advanced settings yep yep yep
Custom settings yep yep yep
Mesh Texturing yep yep yep
Editing tools yep yep yep
Mesh filters, hole filling and photoconsistency yep yep yep
External UV mapping yep yep yep
Match viewer yep yep yep
Direct Sketchfab upload yep yep yep
Video making & smartsnap yep yep yep
Direct Youtube upload yep yep yep
Masking capabilities yep yep yep
Pictures and quality evaluation yep yep yep
Pictures import Up to 200 photos Unlimited, depending on computer memory
Video Import Up to 200 frames Unlimited, depending on computer memory
CUDA ® computation Single GPU Multi GPU Multi GPU
Exporting Mesh only Cameras, Point Clouds and meshes
Native Laser Scan support viewer only yep yep
Multi ICP registration yep yep
Workspace merge yep yep
Batch processing yep yep
Automatic marker detection yep yep
Point Cloud/Mesh import yep yep
Statistical analysis & report yep yep
Control points, measurements & volumes yep yep
Orthophoto & Orthomosaic yep yep
Volume projection yep yep
Shape from Silhouette yep
Polyline drawing yep
Automatic polyline extraction yep
DEM profile yep
Contour lines generation yep
Sections / Track sections yep
PCS georeferencing support and conversion yep
DEM viewer yep
EXIF GPS coordinates yep
GPS exif perview yep
3D Eye app and beecopter support yep
Tech support Forum Forum & email Forum & email
Free updates 1 year 1 year 1 year
Pricing 149$ + vat 3200$ + vat 4200$ + vat
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System requirements

3DF Zephyr is built on the top of 3DF Samantha and 3DF Stasia: our leading, traceable, academically recognized, in-house built technologies. We are very proud of the technology behind our product as it is a result of many years of research and development. The research behind the product has lead to many academic publications on top-tier Computer Vision Conferences. Our technology is completely transparent and traceable and it is recognized as one of the most effective and innovative.Every pixel counts in our reconstruction engine. Our technology makes use of every single image pixel to give the most accurate solution as possible. To make this possible, we use an efficient out-of-core mechanism for computation.

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