3DF Zephyr 1.600

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Quality Index tool (visual aid)The newest version (v1.600) of 3DF Zephyr is ready for download!

This new version features general improvements in both the SfM and the MVS phases, as well as new UI improvements throughout the application (mostly for new users, with tooltips and hints).

This version also features the new picture quality index tool (pictured): a numeric score that will help you evaluate the quality of the picture (Lite, Pro and Education) as well as a visual aid to understand which areas of the photos can be improved (Pro and Edu only).

Full changelog:

  • SfM Core improvements: substantial improvements in the Structure from Motion algorithm
  • MVS Core improvements: substantial improvement in the accuracy of the Multi View Stereo algorithm when dealing with odd rotation settings and varying distance
  • Improved Texture Generation performance: texture generation is now up to 20% faster than previous 3DF Zephyr releases.
  • Picture Quality index: an overall score of the quality of the pictures is given from the Tools menu, as well as a visual aid (Pro only) in order to detect possible issues (i.e. out of focus) in your pictures. The higher the score, the higher the quality of the picture.
  • UI improvements: lots of minor UI improvements, including tooltips and descriptions.
  • Import and texturize mesh bugfix: added the support to multi-isles meshes when doing external data edit -> import and texturize mesh.
  • Bugfix: fixed a minor bug when toggling light on/off and then loading a new project
  • Miscellaneous minor bugfixes

Please keep the feedback coming in! Feel free to contact us by email or on our forums as much as you need, we really appreciate your help in improving 3DF Zephyr.