3DF Zephyr 2.300 is out now!

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Samantha_01The newest version of 3DF Zephyr is now available for download!

Zephyr can be downloaded from the usual URLs or directly from the autoupdater! As usual, our thanks to you for your support and for your continous feedback!

The update is already available automatically via the Steam Platform for the newborn Steam Edition.


3DF Zephyr 2.300 Changelog:

  • Improved computation speed (all versions)
  • Pre-calibration online database (all versions)
  • New selection by color tool (all version)
  • New DEM visualizer tool (pro and aerial only)
  • Many new importing formats for point cloud (las, ptx, ply, txt, xyz) and mesh (obj, dae, ply) and workspaces (psz) (pro and aerial only)
  • 3DF Lapyx has been integrated within Zephyr (all versions)
  • 3DF Masquerade now has new automatic Masking functionalities (all versions)
  • Improved control point selection from images (pro and aerial only)
  • You can now load zep files by dragging them into Zephyr from the file system explorer (all versions)
  • Many minor improvements and bug fix (all versions)