3DF Zephyr 2.600 is out now!

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We’re happy to announce that the latest 3DF Zephyr version, 2.600, is now ready for download! Batch mode, Marker detection and profile tools shine in this new release! We also brought the mesh import with custom UV mapping also in 3DF Zephyr Lite and Aerial (previously only a Pro feature) – Zephyr Lite now also exports in .fbx format due to high demand from the Steam VR developer community! Many technology improvements and bugfixes are also in this new release!

3DF Zephyr full 2.600 changelog:

  • Added matches viewer tool (all 3DF Zephyr versions)
  • Added new x-y axis alignment tool (all 3DF Zephyr versions)
  • Added mesh UV import in 3DF Zephyr Lite (now all Zephyr versions have this feature)
  • Added fbx export in 3DF Zephyr Lite for better Steam VR support (camera positions can be exported only in Pro and Aerial)
  • Added marker detection (3DF Zephyr Pro and 3DF Zephyr Aerial Only)
  • Added automatic control point detection (3DF Zephyr Pro and 3DF Zephyr Aerial Only)
  • Added batch mode support (3DF Zephyr Pro and 3DF Zephyr Aerial Only)
  • Added profile tool in DEM viewer (3DF Zephyr Aerial Only)
  • Added contour line generation on Meshes (3DF Zephyr Aerial Only)
  • Improved smooth mesh reconstruction algorithm (Poisson) to latest version (all 3DF Zephyr versions)
  • Improved control points UI (3DF Zephyr Pro and 3DF Zephry Aerial only)
  • Improved project wizard UI to allow in-Zephyr creation of custom XML settings (3DF Zephyr Pro and 3DF Zephyr Aerial Only)
  • bugfix: fixed a 3DF Samantha issue that would cause different results on different runs (all 3DF Zephyr versions)
  • bugfix: fixed a bug when importing a video with special characters in its path (all 3DF Zephyr versions)
  • changed GUI in control points dialog
  • fixed visible boundaries from orthophotos by points
  • fixed local coordinates bug
  • fixed masquerade disappearing strokes bug
  • fixed masquerade bug that would not rotate images (with exif) when autocomputing
  • miscellaneous UI improvements (all 3DF Zephyr versions)
  • miscellaneous bugfixes (all 3DF Zephyr versions)